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Report - - Benenden Hospital - Kent - September 2015 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Benenden Hospital - Kent - September 2015

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
A little History

Benenden Hospital was founded in 1907 in Benenden, Kent and became the centre for hospital treatment for members of Trade Unions and Friendly Societies and subsequently large numbers of public sector employees who joined what is now benenden health.
The services provided at the hospital have moved with the times. From treatment for tuberculosis - which was its original role - to the management of chest diseases, to the current day where the hospital provides a wide range of consultation, diagnosis and treatment services for most medical and surgical specialties.
In recent years the hospital has increasingly had patients who are not members of benenden health. Local National Health Service agencies are increasing their use of the hospital's facilities, as are patients who use private medical insurance or who pay directly for their own hospital care.
The hospital provides a range of clinical services which are tailored to meet the needs of individual patients. The hospital has a Modern Matron – a senior and experienced professional – who has the authority to resolve problems.

The explore..

Visited with my better half, Hamtagger. We were attending the big Kent meet on the Saturday evening so decided to make a day of it. Deciding not to go on the tourist trail this week we decided to check out a place we had found before. It had been reported on around 2011-2012 and not knowing if the whole place was going to be live or not now considering the time between reports and being reliant on those reports for info, or if there was anything to see we paid the hospital a visit.
Greeted by a new building on the right our first thought was looks like we are to late but as we carried on we noticed the building that we were looking for. A large building, curved and much different from any other hospital I had seen. If you have read the history then you will know that it was an Isolation hospital, referred to as a Sanatorium in it's early days.
Anyway, quite impressed with the building we just had to find a way in. Knowing that this wasn't going to be easy and judging from the outside quite a bit of it was now live. The hospital was actually open so in we went. Had a little look around, we could see the bit we wanted but the door was locked so we found a staircase which took us upstairs, along a corridor with cubicles in then down another set of stairs in to the one piece of the building that wasn't live. Just one corridor. OK, so we had nothing else to look at so back out the same way we came in and after a little walk around the grounds we came across some old buildings, a swimming pool and a social club. Filled with medical equipment, this was obviously the pay off for a single corridor. Our day was worthwhile before heading to the meet! Thanks for the invite, we had a good time, mainly watching Raz, Jamie & Matt from the top of the fort haha. Nice to put some faces to names though at last :)

Anyway, pics

This was the 1 single corridor




So, from this building all I had was 3 pictures. Exterior pic was all that was left to take ..


Then we came across some more... this is what made the effort worthwhile..





HT testing out the Octopus machine.....



Don't see many of these around nowadays...






Just testing HT's blood pressure...





28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Nice pics there mate, never seen this place before :thumb Cool to see you two on here also bud.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Great idea you had to go and check this one out T, really enjoyed this one and you've came away with a nice set of images :) That dial one came out ace :thumb


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Some gorgeous pics in there! Nice find!

Thanks :thumb

Nice one some interesting bits in there by the looks! Good to meet ya and glad you found the coastguard incident amusing :D

Kept us entertained for about an hour, the highlight was seeing blue lights on the boat, we all got a bit excited haha!

Nice pics there mate, never seen this place before :thumb Cool to see you two on here also bud.

Thank you, good to be back :)

Great idea you had to go and check this one out T, really enjoyed this one and you've came away with a nice set of images :) That dial one came out ace :thumb

Looking forward to seeing yours, awesome weekend :D

Hey, nice, very the look of that place....great pics :thumb

Thank you :thumb