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Report - Benger Foods, Holmes Chapel - October 2014

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Explored with Turkey. We were just passing and decided to take a look, as you do.

The history. Well, it's been covered a few times on here but not with this name.

Benger House was constructed in 1939. Benger Foods, relocated to Holmes Chapel from Manchester, where the company had originated as Mottershead and Co in 1790, being acquired by the Benger family in 1870.
The company manufactured ethical pharmaceuticals including Benger’s Food, a milk supplement, widely used by infants and people of poor heath during much of the 20th century.
The building is an example of a “Daylight Factory” completed in 1939. It reflects a change in the design of industrial buildings, to make them more efficient and better for worker conditions. It was designed by the Practice of Andrews and Butterworth in a restrained Art Deco style, expressed in the simple form and linearity of the building and in individual elements of the façade. The primary element of architectural interest is the frontage onto London Road and the returns of that frontage block. Internally its interest is focused upon the entrance lobby and staircase, the landing area with fanlight above and the Board Room. The ensemble is a clear
expression of its time, with clean lines and faience tiled finish. Some other significant features such as door and light fittings also remain, although some are missing or are damaged.At its peak the site employed several hundred people and was the major employer in Holmes Chapel for many years. It therefore played an important part within the day to day life of the village.
Bengers were bought by Fisons, who were bought by Rhone-Poulenc who became Sanofi-Aventi and finally Sanofi. There is nothing left of the recent buildings and plant, and only the original Bengers building remains.

This is what it used to look like...


Only the front building remains, and this is what they have planned for it...


There isn't much to see here. It's very stripped out and as noted in previous reports, the only thing really worth seeing is the dome.




Since Will Knots report a few months ago, the front wall has been destroyed to get at the electrical cable. here;s a picture from July...


The rear of the building...


The bottom of the main stairs...


And finally some shots of the dome...





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Beautiful. Drove past here on way to visit friends at the weekend, knew it would have been "done" and sure enough! ..... Lovely job, nice history snippet, great building