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Report - - Billesdon ROC post -Leicestershire Group- 4/5/07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Billesdon ROC post -Leicestershire Group- 4/5/07

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Mr Sam

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
well well well a few days ago i saw a sign for Fleckney and recall seeing an ROC post there on subbrit so had a smooch around with no luck, checked subbrit when i got home......DEMOLISHED :crazy

so with my new OS map in hand i mark down where i think Billesdon is and off i pop i pass a gateway with some broked up concrete pads in it :eek: :(

............thankfully another 1/4 mile i come to where i think it is,,,,,hmm council depo as i turn round a small brick structure in an overgrown corner of a field catches my eye as i scramble through the hedge im met with the vet shaft minus its slats and a pile of junk in the pile of junk is the entrance hatch i soon realise the pile of junk has a matress and something else it it that look ROC related :mad:






jeeeeeeeeees what have they been smoking down there :crazy

taking pics with flash when i looked at the LCD i was rather shocked......filthy filthy people :rolleyes:


inspired by my pic the other day below the vent shaft in a railway tunnel