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Daire Jago

Thought you might find this interesting - they've used some photographs from here too...

"Urban explorers" target ICI House

Posted by Julie - Administrator on July 24, 2007 4:21 PM | Permalink

KAMIKAZE daredevils are risking life and limb by entering condemned and asbestos filled buildings for kicks.

The dangerous underground craze known as ‘urban exploration’ where people photograph themselves illegally entering derelict buildings before posting the pictures on the web, is sweeping the country.

Now thrill seekers known as ‘urban explorers’ are coming from all over the UK to exploit Teesside's industrial sites risking serious injury or death as they challenge some of the area’s most dangerous land marks.


Advertised on sites like viewers can see a catalogue of explorers roaming around buildings like ICI House in Billingham, pictured above.


Other explorers have snapped themselves allegedly on board the asbestos filled ghost ships at Hartlepool, onboard the TS Kellington, pictured, on top of both the Transporter and Newport Bridge as well as entering Darlington College of Technology.

Images taken from a site dedicated to "Urban Explorers"


Other pictures show a gaping lift shaft filled with water with explorers warning others not to go in at night incase they fall down it.

lunatic asylums, old hospitals, disused mines, and military bases are also attracting the trespassers.

Unlike vandals, the explorers do not damage the building, their intention is to enter without being caught, then leave.

Partners Peter, 33, a graphic designer and paralegal Gemma, 31, who both refused to give their surnames, told the Evening Gazette that the attraction is the thrill of knowing that they aren’t supposed to be there.

“We have been urban explorers for about four months,” said Peter.

“I thought it looked pretty cool when I saw it on the web, so my girlfriend Gemma and I went out one Sunday looking for places that we could enter for a laugh.

“It’s great knowing that you have evaded security guards and got a glimpse of inside the buildings.

“Some places look like the staff just closed the door and never came back, there are lockers with belongings, but for us it’s the thrill of seeing the padded cells in asylums or the board room in an office block.

“We have friends who do it and sometimes we go as a group.”


Image taken from a site dedicated to "Urban Explorers"

Both originally from Northumberland but now living in Stockton, Gemma, and Peter have visited St George’s Mental Hospital in Morpeth, ICI House in Billingham, pictured, and have plans to enter more buildings as far away as Manchester and Southampton.

Gemma told the Evening Gazette: “We are not doing anyone any harm.

“We just have a nosey at the inside of the buildings, we don’t disrupt or take anything.

“Some people may think it is wrong but I wouldn’t say we were trespassing - just seeing what went on behind closed doors.

“Some places can be really creepy and dangerous because its dark, smells damp and parts of the floor or ceiling are missing but that’s part of the excitement.

“We are always careful, we go in daylight and always have our phones with us.”

The potentially deadly craze has stunned many local authorities.

Spokesman for Middlesbrough Council Mike Clark said: “We have had one report in the last year of someone climbing the Transporter Bridge and causing a disturbance.

“It is extremely dangerous and we would urge people not to do it.

“If anyone is reported to be climbing the bridge, it is closed immediately, it then involves a major police and fire service operation.

“Anyone who does this is sadly asking for trouble.

“There is a gate, then on the first tier there is an another gate on the Middlesbrough side.

“On the Port Clarence side there are no steps, the only way up or down is to climb on the outside of the actual structure.

“This is very dangerous and we would ask people not to climb on the bridge.”

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: “We wholehearted condemn the use of derelict or unused buildings as a source of entertainment.

“Not only can it be illegal to enter such premises, it places people in potentially dangerous situations and it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.”
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