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Report - - Birmingham Midshires, Birmingham -june08 | High Stuff |

Report - Birmingham Midshires, Birmingham -june08

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you lost the game
28DL Full Member
Tunnel lover and myself went for a late night wonder into brum and came across here. The building itself was last used by the Birmingham Midshires Building Society and is now looking like it will be converted into flats :( The inside of the building was completely gutted and not worth getting the camera out, still it gave us the opportunity to ge up high and take in a good view of St.Phillips square and the cathederal. On reaching the top we were greeted by two pissed off seaguls who took to the air and called in their buddies. In a minute around twenty odd angry seaguls were swooping and trying to shit on us :eek: So it was a quick set of shots and bid a hasty retreat before one of them actually got lucky with his aim.



the cathederal and square


looking towards the orion building and the mailbox

Natwest Tower and Bt tower


stitched together panoramic, didn't come out as good as i would have hoped

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