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Report - Bj lu 09

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Blow Job 09

The London Underground
Visited by myself and Siologen

The title may be misleading but all will become clear.

All Credit has to go to the almighty Siologen Jeeves Westminster for the research on this one and the initial recce on the entrance.

So today I got the new Prodigy album and was banging my head away while doing some photography work in London this evening. I finished early so I phoned Siolo and asked if he fancied doing something, he mentioned something he had been working on but did not have the money to go and do it so and I immediately offered to go pick him up.

Now fast forward a couple of hours. Have you ever had that heart stopping trouser filling moment when the alarm rings or a light comes on in a room where you know you should not be. Try having the whole of an underground network light up around you while you are composing a shot.

To enter the London Underground is a feat in itself with most people being satisfied with seeing a tour of an abandoned station or the odd abandoned tunnel. We went one step further tonight and managed to gain entry into a long abandoned system in the London Underground which connects to a very active system.

As we traveled along the abandoned line, we could feel a rush of air every couple of minutes and the noise of a tube train whooshing past. However nothing can prepare you for the force of the blast of air from a moving tube train when it is channeled down a small passageway. We approached the small side tunnels which led to the live sections of the underground with caution and then the air started to move, the wind grew and grew until we literally had to crouch down and lean into it to stop ourselves being blown over. This is known as a Blow Job hence the title. Damn we had cracked the uncrackable, a live infiltration of a main London Underground route.

We explored a bit more getting comfortable with our surroundings and then started taking pictures, its pitch black in the tunnels so moving around had to be done using a red light with minimal torch use unless there were trains approaching. As I set up a shot of Siologen stood in an alcove to the side of the live track I struggled to get focus, suddenly that changed and the lights flickered on and siologen was lit up like daylight. Shit we have been rumbled we packed up our stuff dimmed our lights and ran. But not before getting a few quick shots before whoever was coming found us. On leaving the site we realised we had walked past a huge PIR as we had entered.

The abandoned lines:


The rumbling getting louder and the air moving faster

although are hard shots to make out the stip of light running accross the shot is a tube train and these are
being shot on a 10mm fisheye so as you can imagine I am kinda close.


erm why is that light flickering on?????!!!!

shit the tunnel is lit up damn move fast photograph the tunnels before someone comes



pose for one shot to prove you were there

and bail as fast as possible lungs burning into the darkness of the night.

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