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Report - Bletchley Park - March 20

Bikin Glynn

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If you dont know the history of this place you have obviously been asleep for the last 20yr so Im not going into it.
Also if you dont then visit the museum it is an exceptional place & you will need more than a day to soak it all up.

I done a few visits to the museum last year so really wanted to see the abandoned stuff & earlier this year got the opportunity.
It was a last min decision tbh we were in the area so just went for it & it was well worth it.
Its a bit pic heavy Im afraid ... again

The first block was completely stripped but even in there you could feel the history.

We popped up past the water tanks onto the roof here.

Then in D block things start to get a bit more interesting

Coding tape left laying around in here

Essentially the rest of this is storage & over spill from the museum. But its rammed with ww2 era radio gear. I couldnt believe how much they had just left laying around!


More of the same in next room

What it was all about!

Moving on the last area we checked was full of "newer" computers, prob to do with their recent history of computing display,

So its bye from me & bye from him

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Calamity Jane

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Great photos, what a place steeped in history. I really should make the trip up here. I just worry re access, as this old chick with MS isnt as able as I use to be. But I always try and find a way.:thumb


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Been here a couple of times, very neat place and surprisingly little seems to be lifted even though it's so well known.

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