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Report - - BLI Quarry - Semi explore - 6/3/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - BLI Quarry - Semi explore - 6/3/07

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As the weather held out today i decided to have a drive into the White Peak to see the quarrys.
The place is huuge, and would be really good to see the whole lot, it is live so wandering around isn`t really an option, especially with the amount of trucks and diggers milling around.
It is a limestone quarry, the limestone is processed to make the aggregate used in our road tarmac. Another quarry (Blue Circle) in Hope converts the Limestone into cement. There is loads around the White Peak, this one is probably one of the five biggest ones.
A footpath runs along side the quarry which is where most of the photos are taken from, but i did get a bit tempted and had a quick wander into some bits.













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