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Report - - Boston ROC Post - Lincolnshire Group - 04.11.07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Boston ROC Post - Lincolnshire Group - 04.11.07

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Pure bellend
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Solo Visit today.

Open, trashed and flooded. :rolleyes:

Some inbreed has gone to such lengths to get into here, that they have ripped the hatch off.

I deleted the interior pictures by accident a minute ago. :rolleyes:

After wrestling with the hatch for a while, I replaced it to its original position. :thumb



turk ;)

Simon Taylor



This picture was taken whilst hanging one handed from the ladder.

There's about a foot of water in there, as you can see theres a few bits of paper stuck to the wall and the original light fitting is on the ceiling, but apart from that the post has been virtually stripped. If you look at the back, you can see the old packing crate for the old air raid siren is still there. However I doubt the siren is still in it.

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