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Report - - Brent Pelham ROC Post- Hertfordshire Group - 27/05/07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Brent Pelham ROC Post- Hertfordshire Group - 27/05/07

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28DL Full Member
What better way to get rid of a hangover than a wander in the Herfordshire countryside & a visit to a local ROC post..but it was a disapointment to find it in such a bad state compared to the report found on Subbrits site here
Unfortunally it's been totaly trashed, the furniture that was left in there has been smashed to pieces. I did have a sift through it all to see if there was anything worth saving but unfortunally it's all either been knicked to smashed.
So heres a few pictures from the site and of the small tower next to it.

Fellow explorer propping the hatch open
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This small tower is right next to the post, any ideas what it was for?
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And this is attached to the floor??
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Re: Breant Pelham ROC Post Report 27/05/07

Well done mate, and thanks for sharing this.

The tower is known as an 'orlit post'. They were the original look-out posts for the ROC in the early 50s. The one you saw today is in exceptional condition.
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