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Report - Brentwood Police Station and Magistrates Court - August 2018


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The Police Station was built in 1937 and In December 2015 it was announced by Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston, that 15 police stations were to be closed to the public in Essex as part of a £63million spending cut. Brentwood Police Station was one of the 9 Police Stations closing completely. He stated that the buildings were buildings were no longer fit for purpose.

"Police officers, not buildings, fight crime," Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh said.

"We spend too much on too many police buildings, many of which are either no longer fit for policing or are hardly used by the public to report crime.

Bentwood Police station was eventually closed to the public in April 2016, and was finally fully vacated by the Police in December 2017.

Police Operations have now moved to the local Town Hall. The building was closed as it cost £10million per year in running costs, and would have cost a further £30million in maintenance to bring it to modern standards.


So after seeing a lot of people posting about this place, I realised I had a small window of spare time to try and check it out today. As I approached I was slightly worried as I saw four cars parked outside the site (Not pictured but were to the right)


Undeterred I pressed on and found the way onto the site


I had a little walk around and realised that access was still ridiculously easy. I think the only reason the place hasn't been fully wrecked is because it's not really near anything yet is still near a busy road. Anyway I made my way in and was undisturbed for the 45 minutes or so I was in there


I only had a few minutes in the court so didn't get too many shots there but loved the wooden staircase


This was a nice little explore! Thanks for reading


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Not seen pics from the court building before, that's nice. Was told it was full of alarms haha.


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Not seen pics from the court building before, that's nice. Was told it was full of alarms haha.
I wasn't gonna go in but then there was easy access around the back. As I walked towards the staircase, 2 or 3 ceiling lights came on and it did look like there might be some motion sensors above but no alarms went off so I'm not certain.

There was writing on the back of the front door saying 'do not open' so maybe that is alarmed. Nobody came but I was only there for another 5/10 minutes after.


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Ah wow the court room is open! That wasn't like that when we visited.. :( May have to head back again, liking the police aware sign ;)
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You can tell it was built in the 30's with echoes of art deco. Nice one !


Wasn’t the court in the main police station? That massive room with the dock bit. Always wondered why there would be a court in a police station ... the other building was just offices I think. Good find, went again last night


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Went there last night the side door is locked now didn’t find a way in if anyone goes there today or on the weekend let us know if you found a new way in thanks


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Looked at all the windows was all shut I think there’s some one in the smaller house at the end with the lights on that just makes Shure it’s all shut off

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