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Report - - Bristol Dock Cranes 12/04/08 | High Stuff |

Report - Bristol Dock Cranes 12/04/08

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I should have danced all night
28DL Full Member
Visited with Tumbles and The Deserter.

Another one of Stothert & Pitt's beasts than reside next to the river in the centre of Bristol. They are no longer used but now do a good job of being something pretty to look at for the party goers on the other side of the river. They straddle a walkway along the bank so it's a very busy area but not a single person seemed to notice us hanging off the metalwork several metres above their heads. It was one of my only nights off work so I thought I'd make the most of it by exploring as much as possible (we'd done Brooks dyeworks earlier that morning).

The cranes were covered in anti-climb paint but most of it had dried and didn't cause a problem. Tumbles stayed on the ground to take pics of us when we got to the top and The Deserter (Ooh I'm not dressed for climbing a crane:gay) went on without me! Most of my photos are pants coz I was back to using the 18-125 which was like looking through a pinhole camera compared to the 10-20. The auto focus didn't seem to be playing ball either so some of these are done on manual focus with my truly shit eyesight.

I wasn't going to climb the jib but I already had my harness on by then and The Deserter had already pussied out and was back on ground level chatting and not taking a single photo of me hanging off the top of the crane:eek: There was nowhere to rest a tripod so I only have a very wobbly photo from the top. Anyway, here's the pics.



First level


Yay! My work!



Nearly there

I think you can just make out the other two standing near the bridge

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