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Report - - British Cellophane, Bridgewater, Somerset 12/7/09 | Industrial Sites |

Report - British Cellophane, Bridgewater, Somerset 12/7/09

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dangerous dave

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
British cellophane was formed in 1935 and in 1937 the site at bridgewater in summerset started production. during the second world war the site switched production to aid the war effort and production resumed after the war fast forward to 2004 and the site was closed due to the down turn in use and the pollution effect the chemicals used had on the environment.

this was one hell of a site to get into after a few cuts n close calls we where in spent a good few hours walking round the site the demolition and strip of the boilers has started i think in the 3 hours we where on site we did less than half the site it is massive place this

on with the pics in no order








managed to find roof access was one hell of a view out watch the seagulls tho inbound shit hawk


thanks to scrub2000 for the drive and the company on this mad one