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Report - - British Sugar, Kidderminster 28\05\06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - British Sugar, Kidderminster 28\05\06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited with Spook on Sunday. It was recommended by a few people here and they were not exagerating. The place is massive, full of huge equipment and takes hours to explore. People really should go while it's there.

After about 3 hours we both agreed we would struggle to find our way back to our original comedy entrance, so we just opened a fire door and walked out onto a platform, just as security drove past :eek:

We dropped down out of sight then followed behind his van, making sure he couldn't see us, to make our way out. Just as we got to the big open yard he suddenly appeared from behind a building and we had to run. He chased after us and shouted something as we climbed the fence, perhaps it was "please come back so that I can call the police" but we ignored him and ran. :D

The huge silos, you can see these from miles away. (excuse Spook's arse)

Coal fired boiler (I think)


Revolving drum.



There are gantries everywhere, it gets confusing which level you're on.

We nearly missed the labs and offices but a door moved with a creak in the wind and attracted our attention. (and scared us :eek: )


It seems maintenance wasn't so good at the end.

We found this strange room amongst the offices.

Another good explore, well worth the drive.

John and Spook