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Report - - Broadford Works, Aberdeen - 3/3/8 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Broadford Works, Aberdeen - 3/3/8

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member

A lovely sunny day held host to a return visit to Broadford Works in Aberdeen for me. Also accompanied by Meowmix and slightly later on to MrFish, with the intention of giving a tour around some of the better known bits to Meowmix, and a hunt for what still lay undiscovered to myself and MrFish - in the end we didn't come across too many brand new area's, but did get the chance to revisit some favourite bits and have a proper look around some places we hadn't fully explored before.

That is not to say this wasn't an interesting explore by any means, as it turned out to be a lot more eventful that we had expected.

I was also glad of the chance to see the site during a nice sunny day, all my previous explores have either been at night, or in some rather dreich weather, so I got the chance to take some much more interesting photos thanks to the much nicer lighting.

Some external shots...

From down the road.


The red brick mill.



Looking behind the red brick mill to one of the many smaller buildings, this one in particular containing some pressure rooms upstairs.


Looking over to the granite mills.



The electrical department, currently home to some bits left behind from the electrical transformers and switchgear. I really wish I could have seen this room in its heyday years ago when it held the steam engine that powered Broadford before it was electrically powered.
One note - if you are visiting Broadford, we have found a few needles scattered about, so be careful. On the top level of this room was the most obvious remains of drug use with quite a few needles and muck lying around.



Oil leaking out of one of the transformers, which has now solidified into one big shiny puddle.


From here we headed into the red brick mill, probably one of the more scenic parts, with the big halls now empty of machinery.
Here I was sad to find that my favourite piece of pseudo-graffiti has been half pulled down - a great big web of thread that was strung up like a spiders web to catch unobservant explorers. Utterly silly and pointless which I loved, and didn't actually damage anything, until they pulled half of it down at least :(


In a window 4 storeys up...


We also had far too much fun on a cart we found sitting upstairs, riding it about in one of the halls :rolleyes:

MrFish then appeared to join myself and Meowmix after finishing his mornings chores, and we headed over to the boiler room.



It was at this point we decided it was time to stop off for a picnic, only to settle down for MrFish to reappear from a wee wander with the message "Get ready to move NOW" and disappear off again in a hurry. On his wee wander he had spotted a few policemen in the compound and a car sitting at the gate, so the decision was quickly reached to hole up somewhere a bit more hidden for a while and see what happened, where we found a couple of blokes similarly attired to us in HiViz clutching tripods and cameras... Who turned out to be a couple of names we recognised from here, namely Lost and Melvin26bmx :) they had come across some kids in causing trouble (which we hadn't heard as we were on the other side of the site then) and had called in the police, who appeared rather quickly to put an end to the nonsense, and promptly cornered all the wee scrotes. So a well done to Grampian Police for a prompt turnout and a job well done.
After holing up for a while, we decided to join up and continue the exploring...

The offices.



Down in the dispatch department.


From here we got into one bit we hadn't properly explored before - the small 'house' at the front, last time we were in it was dark by this point, so we only had a quick look owing to it being very exposed from the front. Not today though...

It is quite an odd bit of Broadford, in a contrast to the industrial nature of everything else this is basically a fairly nice house, which would have been used for the fancier offices and meetings and suchlike, lots of wooden panelling and carpets, ruined slightly where the roof has been damaged and leaked which has completely destroyed the floor of some bits.





From there, a bit more of a wander about, and up to the top of the red brick mill in time to see the sun setting, a lovely end to the visit. Quite an eventful day to say the least, but good fun. Also great to put faces to a couple more names from here, and a pleasure to explore with.