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Report - Bulstrode Manor, Gerrards Cross - April 2019

Chloe Explores

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So let’s just say we got lucky. Me and my boyfriend attempted this gorgeous place and succeeded! No other explorers, no security... we had the place to ourselves. We was feeling somewhat negative about this place - so we was expecting to get caught. We planned to go on Good Friday as my boyfriend got the day off work (which was yesterday) - oh boy was that a good move! After hearing that several groups of explorers had been caught here this week - we still went on with the explore. Most of the doors are alarmed but we worked out a route that didn’t set off a single alarm. The actual building itself can be explored very quickly. Most of the building is corridors with empty rooms - with not much character so we skipped that part and just got to the famous staircase. The rooms near the staircase are definitely the most interesting rooms in the building. The interior design in those rooms next to the staircase are full of character. Of course the main staircase played a big interest in my photography here. I must of got at least 50 photographs of different angles of the stairs. We got on the roof of the manor which was nice. For me there was only three things I wanted to mainly see here. One, the staircase, two, the castle looking building, and three, the exterior. The castle looking building which I really don’t know the name of, it is fascinating. The spiral skinny staircase leading up to the roof had us both in stitches laughing. It was kind of claustrophobic but funny because the steps are so small I kept stumbling and laughing. We got on the roof of that as well but the views are a lot nicer from underneath on the actual first and only floor. The castle building was infested with ladybirds. They kept landing on my camera and I was getting really agitated by it. One actually landed on my lens when I was taking a picture and it scared me big-time as I was looking for my viewfinder and BAM just saw a huge ladybird... I was expecting to capture a nice exterior not an unfocused bloody ladybird body.... we was definitely a little on edge here - which is kind of big for me because I rarely get sketched out. I’m putting it down to it was a really hot day and I was not in the mood to put up with a long chat with security and wait for police to turn up. The further you go into the building the better it becomes! A really amazing lovely explore! So glad to have ticked it off the list!

History -
So this gorgeous place was built for the 12th Duke of Somerset, in a landscape by Humphrey Repton, Bulstrode is quintessentially English. It is, no doubt, for this reason that it’s recently been used as a location for A very English Scandal, Johnny English and Midsomer Murders amongst others whilst worked through the complex planning process. Bulstrode is steeped in history. The original house was built in 1676 for the infamously harsh ‘Hanging Judge’ Jeffreys. This was demolished by the 2nd Duke of Portland who made his money from the stone that built most of London including Whitehall and Regent Street. Somerset demolished the unfashionable Georgian house in favour of Gothic and created the house we see today. During the war, Bulstrode was used by the RAF for cipher training and in 1958 was sold to a local farmer who sold it on to a Christian mission. The property was acquired by a private investor through Savills in 2016 from a guide price of £13M. The existing buildings provide 106,000 sq ft and sit in 39 acres of parkland.































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