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Report - - Buncefield Oil Depot - 30/6/06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Buncefield Oil Depot - 30/6/06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Self and Disco Kitten. Suffice to say that all the best homework was done by DK. The initial instinct was - umm - initially seeming "wrong"... but after a tour of the perimeter and numerous security boxes, it proved to be right.

Oh man. I think we hit every spiky/stingy thing that nature (and man) could ever make. Whilst DK acted as good pathfinder, I was following being rather shit. "Ooo... Ow...." as I got spiked.

But, blimey, we got a joy. Right up to one of the tanks. The twisted metal was something else. All sorts of stuff was just "melted"... ladders, valves, pipes, and the hulk itself of course.

And that's skipping all the other destruction... houses, offices, cars, the lot.

Pics to follow shortly...

Sets the scene...


Still outside thje perimeter at this point, but this kind of view is everywhere:


Sorry for going wide...


Yes, this shot has fencelines in it. That might make you think it was a "drive by"... but holy fuck no. There are multiple fencelines and gob loads of security. Getting this close was a right pain.


Inside the folds of the collapsed tank...


Tank ladder


Here a 4" layer of tarmac has bubbled up from the heat. From what I could see this would have been the expansion of the trapped air in the hardcore underneath. It had created a 20ft radius bubble, and this was where the bubble had "popped".


The Buncefield Alien...


Is that a new concept car from Peugot? Or Renault? Or, really, anyone wanting to fit in to the Paris market? ;)

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