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Report - Burscough ROC Post- Feb 2018


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So this is a local ROC post about 20 min drive and thought even tho the bad weather but i was abit underwhelmed after seeing previous reports on this one anyway...

The history
Date opened: April 1962
Date closed: September 1991
i've heard its a master post but not 100% sure
It didn't have much of a interesting history of its self but it was built on the edge of the old RNAS Burscough (HMS Ringtail) which a simple search can tell you about.

The explore
The explore wasn't that intresting as parking in the booths near by and walking down to the roc post and no fences to go over or under and access to post was easy got to the hatch it was'nt attached to the post but was still needed lifting of i think it was a new hatch tho.
Once we got in we noticed it was very clean and that like the outside had a paint job but noticed that well there was nothing left not even the chemical toilet it was still worth going and its not a 'bad condition' in the sense that its vandalised more in i think its going to put to another use.

The Photos




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You can tell it was a master post by the dome on the side of the vent. Looks like soneones doing it up.

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