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Report - - Butleigh Cottage Hospital 04-12-2008 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Butleigh Cottage Hospital 04-12-2008

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Butleigh Hospital
Brief History
1882- built Sir George Bowles Hospital, now known as Butleigh Hospital. The Hospital was originally a cottage Hospital
The original concept of a cottage hospital was a small rural hospital having up to 25 beds. One advantage of such a hospital in villages was the familiarity the local physician might have with their patient that may affect their treatment. This local knowledge of the patient would probably have been lost, had they been referred to their nearest county hospital, as was typical for poorer patients.
Some cottage hospitals still exist today. In particular, several can be found within NHS Grampian, a Scottish region of the National Health Service.
The Hospital has been closed now since 2005 and has been hammered for scrap with the lead going from the roof and all the flashings it is sadly only a matter of time before this building is gone for good. A few of the items that have been photographed are still in tack (The Stone Crest photographed by Rookinella The building is soaked through the cellar is flooded the admin block has had all the toilets and sinks smashed. Generally fooked. All in all a shame
Only a few images thanks for looking:thumb