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Report - CAIRD AND RAYNER....almost :-/ - LIMEHOUSE - FEB 2012


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Right this is my first report so apologies if its entirely useless. Me and a couple of mates had been wanting to find somewhere to explore and after a month or so of looking on the Internet, a couple of scouting trips and one failure to get into the millennium mills we came across what looked like a very viable site in limehouse so we decided to check it out.


The newer building on the right is now partially demolished




We arrived kitted up and ready to go our plan was to get into what is apparently an abandoned sail makers near to the lime house DLR station. leading to the warehouse was a partially demolished commercial building which looked to be the perfect way in.

It was apparently secluded but as soon as we managed to get into grounds which surrounded the abandoned building the street opposite seemed to be the most popular place to park in London. The problem was we needed to climb a fence to get into the partially demolished building but we would have been blatantly obvious from the street. One of us got stuck for almost 10 minuets half way over the fence which was admittedly quite funny.

Once we were all over the fence we climbed over the mounds of rubble this was actually quite dodgy because the rubble kept shifting and we didn't want to use out torches incase we were seen. This wouldn't of been to much of a problem but there were jagged iron rods from the reinforced concrete all over the place so heads up on that if your going to go!!! We tried to scout out a way into the abandoned warehouse. With all the rubble and partly destroyed buildings it looked like something out of a war film.

After running into a couple of dead ends we found a way into the the partly demolished commercial building. However just as we were about to go inside we spotted what looked to be a bright light in the next room over. We turned our torches off and quietly snuck in to see if it was security. After sneaking in and accidentally treading on some very loud bits of broken glass we discovered it was a false alarm and the light was from a spotlight in the buildings opposite the canal comming through the windows.






The building was pretty plain from the inside with very little clue as to what was originally there. There where a few cabinets which looks like they would have held tools, chains hanging from the ceiling and what looks like it could have been a milling machine. There was evidence that some tramps had probably been there at some point and some pretty good graffit as well but what made the building most interesting was the fact that the whole side was missing and you got quite a good view of Canary Wharf from it.

After going up several floors we spotted a potential way into our ultimate target. In the corner of the partly demolished building on the 3rd floor there was a narrow, a very narrow walk way which lead to a smashed in wall of the warehouse. We checked it out but the walk way was probably less than a foot wide with a 3 story drop and nothing to really hold onto. Maybe well give ago next time but we decided to give it a miss on our first go.

Our last option to get in was a roof hatch but we were defeated as it was just of reach even with one of us standing on the shoulders of the other!


The hatch that defeated us!

After having a last little look round we accepted we wouldn't get into the sailmakers but given we'd explored 3 floors of the demolished building chalked it up as a success!

Hopefully we'll be able to post about getting into the sailmakers soon!


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