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Report - - Cambokeels Flourtie Mine | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Cambokeels Flourtie Mine

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Northern Exposure

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I visited here today with xm657 as a sort of fall back as our intended site has been fully demolished. However, we we not disappointed as this place is an awesome trip.

A short History;

The mine dates back to 1868 (Possibly 1847 according to a photograph I've seen) and was originally mined for lead but closed in 1872. It was reopened in 1905 for the extraction of flourspar and has also been mined for lead ore, zinc concrete.
I'm unsure of the closure date of this mine as there are no records left on-site.

When we arrived it was pissing down so we decided to get straight into the 'horse' drift as the newer main drift is set at a decline and is flooded after around 10m.

Stone entrance


The first 150 yards or so are horse-shoe shaped stone arch then after a double iron door ventilation lock, the mine is propped stone.

Looking back along the stone arch to the entrance


Ventilation lock



Vent fan


The rest of the mine is linear except a fork in the tunnel but one side is back-filled almost immediately.
The mine was surprisingly colourful with a mixture of minerals, salts, and water.

The rest of the pics are in no particular order.

The above ground buildings are pretty wrecked and although there are remains of a small bath house it was in a terrible state. Then it pissed down again so I only managed these two shots

The wagon tipper hopper



It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip as it's been a long time since I've been underground. More to come this year though :D