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Report - - Cambridge Military Hospital - 11.02.07 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Cambridge Military Hospital - 11.02.07

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After a quality night out with The Riddlers, Madmax, Paulo999 and the legend that is DocD, in Guildford the previous night (& what a night is was! :D ). We managed to crawl out of our pits this morning... a full breakie at the normal greasy spoon and with Lillimouse, tottered off to CMH.

Seen a lot of good reports about this place, but was suprised how big the place is. Still in beautiful condition, probably because is still so close to MOD property... great features and an absolute must see, with a clock tower that must be one of the best kept derelict clock faces in the country.

A bit of history (from Lillimouse's Site: );)
Cambridge Military Hospital (CMH) has a fascinating history behind it. It was probably the first hospital within the UK to house the wounded and shell-shocked returning from the First World War most notably the Battle of Mons.

This hospital is also considered to be the birthplace of Plastic Surgery within the UK. Sir Harold Giles (later of Rooksdown at Park Prewett Asylum) who saw similar surgeries being performed in France was to set up a unit specialising in plastic surgery in 1915 and they were to go on to treat a lot of the facial injuries from the Battle of the Somme.

The clock tower of the hospital used to house 3 bells, one large and 2 small. The large bell has a twin which is now in Windsor Castle and were once considered to be Russian trophies brought back in 1856. The large bell now resides outside Gun Hill House in Aldershot after it was decided best to remove them in 1914 as not to disturb the patients!

Only in the last 30 years was this hospital made available for civilians to use. Sadly the amount of asbestos and the cost not only to remove this but to also modernise the ward forced the closure.

Today it stands almost as if it did when it closed with its very location being the main reason for the lack of vandalism. A great place to explore with its huge orange corridor, old style kitchens and very impressive Clock Tower.

Spent a good half day in this place... and with security well on the ball, this place has no graf or vandalism... anyway is just a few from today, enjoy.

The stunning clock tower as you approach...

Bed Lamp...

Emergency patient bed call...

Operating Theatre...

Small Kitchen...

Staff Lockers...

Observation Light...

Main Kitchens...

Typical Ward...

Sound Booth...

Riddlers coming up the tower...

Clockface Silouette...


3 of the clock faces...


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Well, an unexpected explore... I had the idea I would get the last train home from Guildford. One kebab, half a pint of vodka later... and some random sofa kip... Mr Sixx lent me a compact, and Mr Ridds lent me a tripod... and they all chuckled and wondered how I'd get on. :)

So, err, umm... here's me on the Powershot. :) [Decided to post 'big' pics... sorry if you get scroll bars]


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Hot pixels.... or very low level PIRs. ;) Still, less hot pixels than my 5D :eek:

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Re: Cambridge Military Hospital REPORT - 11.02.07

More door.

I could have spent alot of time with this door. In fact, we swapped numbers...



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Re: Cambridge Military Hospital REPORT - 11.02.07

Finally got chance to put my pics up round at Sixxfingers tonight. My laptop totally died on me today and nearly took everything with it :(
What a quality weekend all round. I was still hung over my works leaving do on Friday night when Sixx and I had to set off for Guildford on Saturday.
A pleasant drive down to pick up The Riddlers and then on to DocD and Lillimouses.
We got a warm welcome upon arrival, a can of Koppaberg, closely followed by a Moose Blood Vodka, which kicked the night off nicely. Then it was off down to Lloyds to meet Paulo999 for Beers.

The lads on the lash

A hilarious taxi ride back

Ridds makes an early exit to the land of nod, after reading his favourite mag (on the right).

DocD becomes a human Buckaroo

As Sixxfingers said at the start of this thread, Sunday morning was what can only be descibed as a real struggle. It was also great that Paulo stayed over on the spur of the moment, so we had a full car for the trip.
A dirty fry up and a Neurofen later and it was time to set off to CMH.
This place was far bigger than I thought it was going to be and a great explore. A couple of hairy moments with security but nothing we couldn't handle.
I think the clock tower was probably the highlight of the day, apart from the four tons of pigeon shite.
Here's a few of my pics; I've tried not to replicate anyone else's, enjoy.







Cheers once again to DocD and Lillimouse for putting us up.