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Report - Central Hotel (Birkenhead, Apr, 2018)


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Junior spotted this when we were out for a prowl in Birkenhead. History: opened in 1938, closed in 2014, fire (suspected arson) in 2016. Currently still a boarded-up local eyesore which shows signs being a regular target for local scallies. Had I known about the fire I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this and in truth there was not much to see - half of the ground floor is a blackened mess and the upper floors have been stripped and partly renovated, although work seems to have stopped some time ago. Interior pictures go from the basement up.

Old pic taken in ca. 1960 judging from the cars (a flyover to the Birkenhead tunnel was build in 1966, roughly where this picture was taken).

View of a monument to King Edward VII (listed) now stuck on a traffic island between the hotel and the flyover.

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Ooh like those floor tiles!

The clock does look a bit isolated if compared with the old photo. Much the way with many of the municipal landmarks in Birmingham too.


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Hi, I'm a reporter for the Liverpool Echo and I'm writing a story about the Central Hotel.

Just come across your pics and was wondering whether we could use them in the article? We can credit them to yourself. Thanks!

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