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Report - Chaser, Manchester - 2013-2014.


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Chaser, Manchester

Working away lends no time to drains and little time to follow up an ever increasing list of shyte in and around Manc

Today I went in search of brown eggs and also to try and find the source of something I first ventured into last year

Originally, whilst out following up on another lead, I spotted something that had somehow eluded me over the years

My interests turned to raking about in the ghetto once again over the winter months in search of manholes with Nick kicking and screaming, (he loves it really) :D

Well I did find eggs, just not the Easter variety...


The upstream limit was a point where 3 sewers and a watercourse connect at the bottom of a 30m dropshaft

"One Ogay going down"


I'd already sent Nick on a recce some months ago, he reported back with a number of lids that needed attention, sadly the first one was out of bounds due to Mrs nosey fucking curtain twitcher on our case

The second lid was a goer though, just a 30m stroll down some skinny stainless ladders and some dubious vapours


Sadly the bottom of the chamber was inaccessible due to being caked in turds, it's not like me NOT to embrace the :turd but the build up here was nothing short of ridiculous


We quickly located a d/s lid and I shot down for another attempt..


iphone tastic from the first landing of another 30m dropshaft


The rungs on the lower section were barely recognisable as they hung above the 2 sewers below


Whilst down, some off duty plodder came along and was confussed as to what we were upto, Nick told him we were geo-caching and he soon fucked off

The next lid was rather obvious, just a twat to budge with Nicks toy keys, and we managed to disturb a rather un-forgiving ants nest

Little nippers were all over us and the 4gas started chelping, no Easter eggs here so we fucked it off


Below another run-off joins the trunk as it heads downstream


(pic credits to Nickindroy for the above selection)

One bright day in the middle of the night we popped a lid d/s of the main trunk

Some shonky step irons down a side entry to a small landing


Further down on the opposite side a small recess, home to a small penstock winder


Here, a retro fitted concrete overflow weir, which serves the smaller sewer, complete with brick overflow/penstock



Behind which, any discharge from the incoming sewer is diverted to the lower level interceptor further below..


I found my Easter egg, and turned my attention to the smaller sewer, except bent double in turds wasn't the usual fun and there was no redeeming features so I turned back


Looking downstream, the egg inverts via a tumbling bay and heads off into the unknown (watch this space)


Somehow I took a gob full of sewer as Nick passed me the tripod for that last pic ^ :eek:

From the upstream sewer, a ladder continues down a brick shaft draped with all manner of toilet peripherals... yummy


Down below, another of Manchester's intercepting sewers



Time to GTFO, go home and enjoy a few cold ones




Love it!
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One step too far for me. I don't mind the odd bit of fresh, but that much!

Good report non the less and look forward to the next section of it

The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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This place wouldnt be for me
but the photos are excellent, and an interesting read :thumb


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Regular User
Nice one Ojay, dirty bugger lol

that one full of turds made me do a sick in my mouth.

Not a chance would you get me down a drain lol

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