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Report - Chatsworth Estate, Manchester, October 08

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Chatsworth Estate (Shameless), Manchester, October 08

Chatsworth Estate - Manchester

Shameless is a comedy/drama about the lives of people on a typical Manchester
council estate. It was originally filmed outside in Gorton, then a set was built in
Wythenshawe. Manchester streets are meticulously recreated, though what
appear to be houses and shops are just facades for outside scenes.


"Now nobody's saying the Chatsworth Estate is the Garden of Eden
but it's been a good home to us, to me, Frank Gallagher and me kids.
Who I'm proud of cos every single one of em reminds me of me.
They can think for themselves which they've me to thank for."

Heading into the Chatsworth Estate were


Bit of a rum un, with a heart of gold. Do anything for anyone... but you got to check your gear.
And of course, totally Shameless!


North East lad, though the ASBO means he now has to live in Manchester. Good with guns.


Well what can I say... I like going equipped.

"But all of them, to a man, know first and foremost one of the most
vital necessities in this life, is they know how to throw a party!"


The Gallaghers’ back yard


The Maguires’ painted kitchen


and their extension..


Behind the scenes:



It would seem filming is underway at the moment so it was time
for a quick exit....

"He he he...SCATTER!"

"Tickets this way for the Chatsworth Express
Come and watch pikeys making a mess
Of the lives they were given by him upstairs
And kids they're convinced aren't actually theirs

What sound on earth could ever replace
Kids needing money and wives in your face
Cos this, people reckon, and me included,
Is why pubs and drugs were kindly invented

To calm us all down, stop us going mental
These are Chatsworth Estate's basic essentials
We are worth every penny, we're grinding your axes
You sit on our head, but you pay the taxes

Imagine a Britain without Chatsworth buccaneers
We'll come on your face for the price of a beer
Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now
Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now!"

© Frank Gallagher
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Re: Chatsworth Estate, Manchester, October 08, REPORT

Yeah, a great couple of nights there, comedy access at it's best :p

Anyway, here's my shots:

Frank's Campervan in his yard

The shops

From the show

The Limousine

From the show
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Yvonne's Yard

The McGuires Extension

Another row of houses

Solomon Looking off a balcony :)

Thanks to Alley & Solomon for the giggles :D
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