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Report - - Chigwell ROC Post - Essex Group (10/07) | ROC Posts |

Report - Chigwell ROC Post - Essex Group (10/07)

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I done this explore last year but just uploaded the pictures, I seriously doubt much has changed since my visit.
After studying the maps on Subbrits website I took a wander into the wilderness in search of my local ROC post. The post is situated in Roding Valley nature reserve right on the side of the M11, Roding Nature reserve was also the site of RAF Chigwell, a barrage balloon site and towards the end of its life something to do with nuclear early warning systems.

Whats left of RAF Chigwell :


After an hour or so of hunting and foraging around the undergrowth I finally tracked down Chigwell ROC post. It was located in a fenced of compound that was densely overgrown with trees and bushes.
It’s well and truly locked and secured with straps over the hatch as well as being filled with expanding foam.
From what I see from Subbrits report there’s not much to look at due to chavvery anyway.

Good luck. ;)