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Report - Church Hollow Purfleet Essex


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I knew that these buildings used to be in Purfleet but I wasn't sure of the whereabouts or if they even still existed!
I managed to search through archives and eventually came across the information I needed.

I went out in my car and drove to the location to find that there was a really high steel fence surrounding these buildings and I could not climb them or fit under the gap at the gates.
Although I could see the top of the chapel I still wasn't sure if the other two buildings remained.
I decided to leave it and to go back a few days later when people would be at work and less likely to report me!

So last week I went back and walked the whole way around the perimeter until I finaly found a way in!

Be warned - go wearing boots and leg/arm coverings! The buildings are surrounded by 4 and a half ft high nettles and weeds! I have the stings to prove it :eek:

Apart from that it was pretty easy to explore without anyone interrupting!


so here's some history


The Three structures a chapel, a school and headmasters house were built in a chalk pit by the quarry owner Samuel Whitbread in 1790-91 to provide religious and educational ameniies for his workforce.
TheChapel was altered significantly in 1920s when it was converted into residential usage but the school buildings essentially remain as they were built!

The chapel

I did not actually go inside the chapel as the rafters are all burnt out and there is a tank of somesort that looks as though if could fall at any time. So the following photos are from an outside view.

Room 1 empty

View from front to back of inside chapel

The headmasters house and school house (i was playing with manipulating sky scenes). Need to practice more!

The entrance to the school house

The school room

The second room in the school house

The headmasters house. room 1

Cupboards in room 2


In the headmasters house there were stairs and bedrooms, however I wouldn't attempt going up their if you value your life!

The chapel stating that the building was restored in 1855

I'm sorry if some of the images are the wrong size I'm still trying to get to grips with photobucket!

I may even go back again before the council do the work that is due to start soon and see if I can get different shots as there were things that I missed like the bomb shelter that is just outside the house.


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Ha ha I've not really had much experience with watermarks. I just used a self help tutorial to make it!

Do you think I need it to be smaller or just scrap it completely and just put my name on them?
I've got the originals still so i'll change it when I get a chance!

Thanks for the constructive criticism!


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It looks good, i might go check it out at some point soon.

The fire place pic is great!


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You need to resize the oversized pics to :rolleyes: - 800 wide max one here
Yeah I did write in my notes that I was sorry if any were the wrong size! I haven't used photobucket before, they should be done now though!

I particularly like picture 4, it looks pretty eerie. Nice :thumb
Thankyou :thumb

It looks good, i might go check it out at some point soon.

The fire place pic is great!
Thanks and definatley go and have a look around, I was there a good hour and half and I still managed to miss things!

That's nice that is! :thumb


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Really nice pictures Smugglersin. Well done.
Need to take a look at this place sometime.
5th picture down is beautiful!


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I live in Purfleet and knew the old ladies that lived in these. They were beautiful places and my friends and I were always playing around them

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