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Report - Church North - the vent shaft


it's dark in here innit?
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The last time I visited this place we were more or less mooching about aimlessly, looking for artefacts. (see here http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=53382 )

This time we had an objective in mind - the vent shaft. Due to this the pics are a bit substandard and I didn't take many because it was about the trip and not the pics so I didn't take a tripod.


^ The surface view from after the last visit. From surface level it's another 100ft. to the bottom.

It's about half a mile from the adit entrance to the bottom of the shaft and about three quarters of that is in water. Not long after entering the water it came over the tops of our welloes and as none of us had waders, we just had to man-up and get wet. There are some BIG collapses deep inside the mine and so a lot of detours were needed - some meant waist-high water but we eventually got to the objective and back.


^ One of the major collapses.


^ I don't think anyone has been this far in for a long time. That stuff was weird. It was like a crust on the surface of the water and it crunched as we broke it. When we came back most of it had sunk and I guess it takes a long time to form, whatever it is.



We thought we'd nailed it but this wall meant another detour. The air was fine throughout and this little side run was the only bit where the gas detector showed anything less than normal O2. It also detected inflammables here so we didn't hang about.


^ Nearly there now. This sticky orange mud was all over and when the water got deeper again there were loads of bubbles coming up and there was a very slight smell of rotten eggs but the gas detector said it was still OK.



^ At the bottom of the shaft.


Got it! :cool:


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