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Report - Clapham Common Deep Shelter - March 2011


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Someone was asking me about this the other day so here's a report for their benefit.

This basically started out when Kev and I saw some pictures from the usual 'London Crew' of one of the London deep shelters. We knew it wasn't Clapham North but there wasn't really any clues as to which of the others it was. Out of curiosity more then anything we got talking about it and Kev (with help from Gringo) decided to go check out the most likely targets. They reported back that none looked to be 'wide open' but Clapham Common looked to be do-able with a little effort. Coincidentally around the same time Kev had been asking me for some advice on SRT and had just received some shiny new kit to practice with. On further investigation our access at CC turned out to be via a shaft and with that it became a convenient place for him to cut his teeth!

So here's SRT training Speed and Kev style, a 50m decent into a live 'secure' storage bunker! :rolleyes: I cant take any credit for finding the place but i think Kev should get some for his balls to even attempt this without any prior experience other then practising off a tree on the common before hand. He did excellently and what had turned out as a curious look at something turned into a petty cool explore. The bunker itself was lined with shelves full of documents, even the toilet blocks had been utilised! PIRs in the main cross over corridors made navigating it a bit tricky but what surprised me the most was how intact the plant rooms and original signage was, Much better then Clapham North! Another one i wish i had a video for.








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