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Report - Clapham North, Deep Shelter, Laaandan


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Not sure how our visit tied in with everyone elses, I'm just slow getting pictures sorted out :gay

Clapham north lyes around 50-80m under clapham town and consists of a complex of round profile metro sized tunnels with a split floor in them, there are a number of entrances with double helical staircases designed to get people in and out as quickly as possible, about 8-12,000 of them, mmmm sweaty.

Didn't take much time over pictures as I was trying to keep up with the torrent of conversation that only silo can deliver, although I did try my best to rival :cool:

Visited with master Silo the 3rd, Wellwasp & Urbanfail


who's is that sexhy jacket?


looking up, was hard work lugging back up these stairs, esp after the 'experience' we had on the day with the fabled london transport, useless pricks.


I think clapham north is the only one of its type still maintained and open like this? All the others have been used for secure doc & media storage for a while now, and this one will soon be full of random crap.


Construction is similar to london underground tunnels of the day, all looked in pretty tasty condition aswell.


bendy twisty single tier stairs leading to one of the live entrances. metro trains can be heard running overhead every few seconds.


I'm sorry, no naked rooks here :s, I think I took this before she visited anyway, she stole my idea :p


the road names are fictional and used to direct people underground, I don't think they bear any correlation to those above ground.


Theres that pro jacket again. typical lower section of a tunnel, this one had a few essential services running thru trunking in the floor


This is a typical upper floor of a tunnel. theres vents every so often to aid the flow of air around the facility to help keep the humity at bay.

Thats all! First report I've posted in ages, and she's not exactly a new site, more to come when I get some time.


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