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Report - - Clipstone Colliery, 27/12/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Clipstone Colliery, 27/12/08

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you lost the game
28DL Full Member
Having missed out on going to see this the other week, the reports of Dweeb and Turk inspired me to get up there asap and see this big deal for my own eyes. On spotting Rigsby's interest in this site, a p.m later and a couple of phone calls we had made arrangments for what would be a momentous weekends exploring. The previous nights exploits will be written up in reports to come but seeing as Clipstone impressed me the most this is the first report to go up.

Our first site of the day was the headstock at Annesley, just a warm up for the behemoth that was Clipstone. Arriving not long after lunch it was off to the shop for some monster munch, flaming hot of course:p and size up access. After our plan was implemented we made our way into the winding house and got to work. Next we were onto the climb itself, unfortunately as light was fading we couldn't take in the full view but the fact we could tick off another site on the to do list was good enough. Anyway the pics...










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