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Report - Co-Operative Distribution Depot, Huntingdon Cambridgeshire


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Co-Operative's Huntingdon Distribution Depot (August 2019)

There is very little information I can find about this place upon writing this report. There used to be quite a lot of information online as the site was listed for sale back when I went in August, however I believe the site since been sold as I can't find it listed online anywhere anymore. When I read up about this place a while back, I managed to find a bit of background info on a website trying to sell the premises that has since removed the property from there page.

All the information I have now is running from memory from when I read up about this place in August.

It was used by the Co-Operative company as a product storage warehouse and distribution centre. It closed in 2015 as it was becoming less and less needed in the past years of its time as an active warehouse. It has now sat vacant ever since (nearly 5 years). The building has fully functioning power still to this day. For a site that has been disused for nearly five years, I'd say its doing pretty well as there were next to no signs of previous forced entry apart from one boarded up window. I guess maybe its because the site has onsite security and cameras watching live on all corners..

The Explore

One thing I like doing in my spare time is looking for new places to explore that I'm local to. I always manage to find new places near me and after thinking I have found everything in the surrounding area to which I live. As soon as I found this one, having nothing else to do all day I went for a look by myself. I had no proof that this place would be empty or reused. So I wasn't feeling completely hopeful that it would still be disused.

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was the massive fence around it. It was the same fence that M.O.D sites have. Not only this but there were 360 degree cameras on every corner of the building. When looking through the fence I could see that the car park was overgrown so from that point on I knew that this was for certain not in use.

I spent the next two hours planning potential routes into the building and scoping it out, which was much more difficult than you would have thought due to the amount of CCTV cameras they had placed around the building. After establishing that there was also a security guard situated in a cabin, I had to decide whether it was worth attempting or calling off until I had more people. In the end I decided to go for it. Thinking my entry path should work.

Me being a bit anxious, I went for it and not too long later, I was in!
After having a brief look around I exited and returned later in the evening with a larger group. We managed to look around the whole place and get out without any problems. Apart from setting off some sort of alarm and security looking up at the building with some very confused faces.



The building was mostly empty. The only thing left really was all the orange racks. Although not that interesting, They still made some pretty cool photos.
Here is an example of how empty the office section of the building was.



Thanks for reading!


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wow they really did clear out, surprised the light bulbs are left lol. Nice shots though. :thumb Makes for a nice mooch, we cant pass anything up. Never know what we might see. Nice one:thumb


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wow they really did clear out, surprised the light bulbs are left lol. Nice shots though. :thumb Makes for a nice mooch, we cant pass anything up. Never know what we might see. Nice one:thumb
Thanks. Yeah had no clue what could have been in there. Always worth a look. Liked how some of the photos turned out so worth it I guess. Especially for a local place


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That place is a bit surreal. It's cleared and a bit sterile but you've taken some really nicely composed pix there mate...