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Report - Colchester Garrison Part 3: The Gym


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Development of the Garrison is now in full swing, most of the buildings they don't plan to convert were demolished some months back but a few still remain. When i explored the swimming pool that used to be next door the gym was always tight, but as we all know, everything has its day eventually!

After seeing a report from MAG we decided to drive past and see what was going on. To our surprise we rounded the corner to see the place lit up like a Christmas tree with every other window smashed out.. The locals certainly have been busy!

Sorry for a 4 picture report but this is more or less all that was in there to photograph, i had hopes of vintage gym equipment but other than stuff that was bolted down (ropes and balance bars etc.) everything had been removed.. No horse for Speed!

Just the theatre to go now! ;)






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