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Report - - Comrie ROC Post - Perthshire Group - 19/01/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Comrie ROC Post - Perthshire Group - 19/01/08

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Located within the compound of Cultybraggan Training Camp, a few miles south of Comrie village in Perthshire. Locked tight on the T-Bar and with two non-identical padlocks in situ, owned by Comrie Development Trust alongside the rest of the Cultybraggan complex. I am currently in dialogue with the Trust with regards to obtaining access to the post, they are awaiting the results of a Health and Safety Risk Assessment....:gay

There is huge potential for this post to be in mint condition internally, as unusually it has been located within a secure compound since it's construction in 1960. A possible sign of an advantage of the extra protection to the post is the electrical junction box which is attached to the vent shaft. I am assuming that this was used for connecting the post up to external batteries, as opposed to the Observers having to carry the heavy batteries down the shaft into the Monitoring Room. I doubt anyone would have fought the barbed wire fences and armed guards to try and steal any batteries left outside the post!

Post as seen from on top of the Cultybraggan RGHQ bunker

RGHQ ventilation infrastructure and PoW camp Nissen Hut pictured in the background




Hopefully I will have an internal report for this Post in the near future.

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