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Report - - Cononish Gold Mine Jan 2009 | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Cononish Gold Mine Jan 2009

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Lead found by OT. Visited with OT, Turk and Snappel.

The adit is reached after a long 3k walk along a track. The scenery is breathtaking to say the least...

The mine seems to have been worked early last century, but then was worked on a modern scale in the 1980's. The adit has various short passages off, eventually leading to the 'face' at the end. Much remains in the mine including mine cars, ventilation plant, tools and other equipment.

According to the press, the mine closed as it was not ecnomicaly viable, but it may now re-open as the price of gold has risen. New surveyer marks were all over the stone in the adit, indicating a recent survey. The earlier level is reached by a rope which alows you to pull yourself up the 50/60 degree slope cut in the rock. The older adit is much smaller, with a narrower guage rail. This adit eventually leads to the back of a waterfall which was a nice suprise to find!

All in all a fantastic mine, one of the best I have seen...













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Re: Scottish Gold Mine REPORT

Well, first, no need to thank me for the lovely stroll through the mountains to get to the mine. I know you enjoyed it, especially on the way back. Which felt like being machined gunned with frozen marbles.

Anyway, I didn't take many pictures down there, because I wasn't feeling too well, and also my camera steamed up exactly when I wanted to use it.

This place just kept giving and giving, right to the end of the tunnel. From expecting an empty mine, we were greeted by six tipper trucks, then a ventilating machine, then an excavator, then another truck, a waterfall, and finally gold silt, and gold in the seams as well. I actually felt rich for a minute.

Climbing up the long shaft on the rope (twice) was a good adventure as well, to see a railed tunnel no wider than a cart, leading outside to a small waterfall.

Dweebs got the pictures covered, so just a couple to add here...


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To whom it may concern...

Here's a map showing where the mine entrance is...

If you can't get in the front way, there's another way in as well. Email me and I'll send you detailed access info.

Here's some research articles...

14/12/07 -

29/06/08 -

05/07/08 - Sky News

30/08/08 - Flickr

It was found online fair and square. Now take your boring rumours and fuck your arse with them. Next time, just fucking explore it instead of sitting on it for so long that other people get there first. It happens to everyone but we don't cry about it so much.