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Report - Cornwall from ground up: March 2011


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A last minute cancellation of weekend adventures meant that an old backup plan had to be activated. Styru declared himself out which was a shame as it meant that I'd have to do the report. Dangerous Dave was successfully hooked up though, and the two of us headed over to Gunnislake to begin our vertical adventure through Cornwall.

Starting at sea level, we ventured into the colour-fest of the bottom adit of Gunnislake Copper Mine. We recalled that after posting about the mine last year, Dweeb got a bit flamed for failing to mention the high levels of radioactivity. Unlike Dweeb, we had remembered to bring footwear to protect us from the radiation...


The radiation was creating sub-tropical levels of condensation making photography difficult, but peering through the mist, it was hard to miss the copper stained formations...



Pressing on past various buried wooden objects, the mine continues to delight...


though the end comes all too soon - a high stope and a flooded winze.



We left before any more of my hair fell out, and headed up to Kit Hill to find the Excelsior Tunnel which the atomic Energy Authority had been using for test explosions in the 60's. I had thought this place was going to be all a bit Sub Brit and was prepared to be very disappointed. Actually it's a brilliant little tunnel, with lots of photogenic features. It's even wetter than Old Gunnislake, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Near the entrance is a standard MOD-type keep out danger gate affair...


A number of little waterfalls make the first section very atmospheric...


Heading up the tunnel...


past another section with some reinforcing...


To a collapsed area.


Passing this section,. the tunnel is flooded for some distance...


Until the end arrives somewhat abruptly. Something was very wrong here as I couldn't find one of DHL's shits or even a VWDirtboy scratched on the wall.



On the way over to Kit Hill we'd spotted that the mine chimney on the summit was scaffolded to 3/4 height. A sign at the bottom gives dire warnings about the dangers of the various antennas and transmitters installed that clad the chimney. Up I headed for a few more rads before tea time...




I wasn't sure whether to post this in underground, high stuff industry or military. The sign of a good day out for sure.