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Report - Coulsdon Deep Shelter - April 2012


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One of the wartime deep shelters built by Surrey Country Council to protect local people across the road during anticipated bombing raids. It was intended to be larger but in the end 3 parallel tunnels were cut into the chalk slope with connecting cross tunnels (one containing the latrines). The entrance appeared to be via a natural cutting but in fact is created out of spoil from the excavations.

The tunnels may have also been used by the Canadian Military, and then post-war were used first by an optical company for grinding and testing astronomical lenses (the long tunnels and constant temperature conditions were perfect, the damp wasn’t), and then a garage some of whose spare parts still remain in the southern tunnel. Some material was also dumped in the south tunnel in the 1980’s including a railway semaphore signal arm (I couldn’t find it though this time).

There have been some great rumours about the tunnels such as that they were a mortuary for Cane Hill and that the equipment left in them was used in the treatment of the patients there – I can see where the latter idea came about. Old tractor wheels – just the job for treating a bit of depression – guaranteed to make anyone cheer up having those rolled over you a few times


Remains of a blast wall?


Near the ventilation room at the far end


Cast iron tractor wheels



Old lawnmower


Wartime Latrines


Looking towards the wartime Canteen or Sick Bay


Cox and Hargreaves Optics Plan of the tunnels as built

Rediscovery and a lot of recent research was carried out by Dr.Z :cool: who I met up with some other explorers and Dave O.
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