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Report - Coulsdon Deep Shelter, Coulsdon, Surrey, December 2014


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Ok so we started the day off with this one
Myself, Sentinel and Juicerail

Enjoyed checking this one out, was very atmospheric and creepy, different layout to what i thought it would be but i'm just used to running around the Epsom deep shelter airsofting.

History of the place:

This large public air raid shelter is one of four which were proposed and built by Surrey Council at the beginning of WW2, the others being at Epsom Downs, Ashley Road in Epsom and Kenley.
The plan was to build 3 parallel longitudinal tunnels into the chalk hillside with 4 parallel lateral tunnels linking them.
The plan was never fully carried out with two of the longitudinal tunnels stopping in a sheer white face of chalk.
After the war the shelter was mothballed and lay empty until a firm that made precision lenses for telescopes took them over. The constant temperature was ideal for the processes involved and the long tunnels perfect for testing the focus of the lenses. Sadly the dampness and coldness was not conducive for the electrical sockets and precision machinery so the ever-inventive workers reverse wired a fridge so it would act as a dehumidifier and keep the condensation levels down.
Eventually the optical firm moved out and was replaced by a motor vehicle repair workshop. After some time they also moved out and the shelter was mothballed and sealed shut again.

Some photos courtesy of the missus









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