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Report - - Coventry City Centre Tower Crane - 03.03.06 | High Stuff |

Report - Coventry City Centre Tower Crane - 03.03.06

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Pure bellend
28DL Full Member
This week I had been boring all week, didnt go and do mansfield general with dweeb, OT and stumpy, and I thought that tonight I would do something a little exciting...

After dweeb had suggested a tower crane which over looks the city centre and ringroad of coventry, I went over to have a look tonight...

Comedy access, but a bloody long finger snappingly cold climb up a SINGLE ladder all the way to the top, onto the boom and even further...

A few pictures from this evening...







After a short 10-15 minutes sitting in the cab in the comfy WARM! seat I headed down, a thoroughly tiring but excellent idea...the driver had left his sunglasses, his snap for what seemed like the whole week, a bacon sandwich and his mobile phone!!!!!! anyone could have stolen it...:cool:

A good night was had...

turk ;)