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Report - Cox Green Sandstone Tunnel, Sunderland. August 2008


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28DL Full Member
after getting a lead about this tunnel from a colleague at work about this tunnel from the banks of the wear.
got told 200m in it branches into 3 tunnels and was used to transport sandstone from nearby penshaw mines
down to awaiting ships on the river wear for transport.

so packed up my gear and went to find this tunnel. after 30 mins found the adit squeeze in before i knew my head was banging wit bad air. but i carried on with this exploration. any way here is some pics.

10m in


looking back to adit



the worst bit this gutted me about 50m in


thanks for looking just a real shame this exploration had to end this way after such a good lead



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28DL Member
Hi there.

I have joined this forum specificly too thank you for sharing these pictures. I live in Fatfeild and walk past these daily. I've always wanted to know what they were about. Thanks tons!

Are you awares there are about 6 of these tunnel entrances along the Wear? Just thinking the one you picked was blocked but maybe the others are not?

I'd gladly meet you and point them out.



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28DL Member
Good manors are never a waste of time. But sadly a concept long forgotten on the Internet where it's prodomenently take take take.

I'm a musician. Thousands download my work and maybe three say thanks. Heart breaking.

I enjoyed the photos and the information. Seems only right too offer thanks.