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Report - - Craig Dunain, Inverness, 16/02/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Craig Dunain, Inverness, 16/02/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Thought i'd post these up, taken me long enough!! Had a great days exploring with Gorecki(nice meeting you&thanks for driving) and Lost.

After a nice cruise up the black isle, doing Rosehall then Nigg we waited for the light to faid slightly before going to Craig Dunain. I get more and more horrified everytime i visit at the sight of the disgusting new builds. Had a comedy moment dodging security (in a beemer) then got into one of the out buildings, it also housed patients but is not joined to the main building. Nothing had changed since last time. Here are the few i took that are worthy of showing.

Main Corridor


Comfy Chair


That wheelchair again...


View looking across to main building


Wash rooms


Walk round


And thats it, i really wanted to get into the main building again but seeing security a few times un-nerved me so i decided not to, was bit worried the police would be called if we were found inside, sorry Lost for bottling it:banghead im still annoyed about it!! Maybe get in again soon.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Craig Dunain, Inverness, 16/02/08 REPORT

SOOOO... I dont think they are worth a new report so i'll just put them in here, after a good explore with Zimbob and his mate(sorry forgot your name) we headed to Inverness for a mooch about, decided to go for a look at Craig Dunain again, damn glad we did!! Only got round one side as its well sealed by the fire damaged part, the dentists is still intact:D and there are still a few other things to see, well happy we got in one last time:cool: are a few snaps...

Small Laundry, love the tiles and flooring


Step into my office..


Wherfs my teef gone?


And spit..




Groovy corridor


Over the sea


Going up


Main Corridor

Sorry there are so many, i have never had a decent camera with me before so was a bit snap happy, cheers for doing the driving again Lost:thumb