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Report - - Crick ROC Post - Northamptonshire Group - 22-11-2007 | ROC Posts |

Report - Crick ROC Post - Northamptonshire Group - 22-11-2007

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28DL Memb3r
28DL Full Member
I was travelling down the M1 yesterday (area around the Rugby Radio Station) and out of the corner of my eye noticed a ROC post pop up on the tomtom screen, so decided to investigate when i was travelling back on my way home.

The post is pretty trashed nothing really left, the hatch is ripped off and lying inside the post. There was a slab of concrete nearby which presumably was once part of an orlit post or similar lookout.

Surface features with M1 in the background:


Chair, the pump pipe is laying on the floor, the pump is nowhere to be seen:

Link to other pictures