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Report - Crofthead Mill, Neilston. March 2010


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I first became aware of Crofthead Mill last year when I saw a programme about Scotland's industry and Neil Oliver was standing in the middle of it.
It looked amazing, crisp and white and HUGE.
After some google-ing I found a couple of exterior shots and a website about it's history but that was about it.
I presumed it was locked up tight as I had seen nothing else on it.

I was in the area last weekend so decided to take a look anyway, get some exterior shots.
I was like a kid in a candy store, I turned a corner and the building was there, I looked at Peter and we were like Holy sheeeet lets get in!!

Photo taken from Geograph.Org.


As we got closer, it was clear part of the buildings were still in use.
Lots of vans & trucks in the yard, I think it's used by a storage company. Also some guy doing MOT's & car repairs.
One of the buildings looked sad, unused and derelict .. That was the one :D

"The original Mill founded in 1792 by James Orr & Co.
The current building rose in the early 1880s from the ashes of a disastrous fire which burned down the original mill.
Not all of the mill’s structures have survived to the present day though - the five-storey edifice of the spool-turning department was demolished in 1968."


"Crofthead was once the biggest producer of spun cotton in the county and its ownership passed through a series of successful companies. Thread from here was traded across the world. One of the more bizarre claims to fame of their products is that thread from Crofthead held together the boots of those on the British Everest Expedition in 1975!"

The Mill closed in 1992.



ESC - English Sewing Company on the gates



Inside was the familar sight of peely paint pillars and puddles on the ground.






That's all I managed to get, but it's good to see that parts are still being used for whatever reasons and it's not all going to waste, it's a beauty :)

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