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Report - - Cruden Bay ROC Post- Aberdeenshire Group- 1/7/7 - | ROC Posts |

Report - Cruden Bay ROC Post- Aberdeenshire Group- 1/7/7 -

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I was passing nearby so thought I would annoy the friends I was with and run off to go have a look and see if I could find my first ROC post to explore.

The post on Subbrit has it last visited in 2001, when it was a complete mess, having had the hatch ripped off and a lot of vandalism inside, but I thought it might be worth a look, even if only to get a closer look at some form of ROC post before going off to find some better preserved ones a bit more out of the way.

Sadly the vandalism has only continued, and I found it pretty much burnt out.

Some pictures for anyone interested...







Why people feel the need to destroy stuff like this is beyond me, I can almost understand the fascination in having a secret wee den to get pissed in, but to smash up everything in there and eventually burn it? Needless.

Oh well, ROC #1 for me, more to come in the future hopefully...

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