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Report - CSM Bakery/British Arkady, Old Trafford Manchester - May 2015


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After a year off the forums, I've decided to come back. Why? Sure, I've done very little this year but I've been starting to use the forums again for new locations so it's only fair that I break the silence and give something back.

This is the perfect example of a hidden gem, one that really highlights the importance of not simply relying on the internet and following in everyone else's footsteps, encouraging us to get out there and look for new sites. You could be on the bus or train somewhere looking out the window, and a derelict building catches your eye. Ooh, that's interesting... I might have to check that out! I'll admit it, I do have a tendency to pooh-pooh that derp at the end of the road, because let's be honest we'd rather be chasing up the next power station or hospital rather than take the time to check out stuff on our doorstep. It's true, rarely do you get lucky and find an absolute diamond that's not been posted about on every leads and rumours section and discussed by every explorer. Let me stress I'm not putting a little bakery into the same category as a UK power station or a manor house, that's stupid. But relative to small-scale industry dereliction, this is a genuine corker of a site and I'm so glad I checked it out.

Another thing that CSM highlights is this: just how may hidden gems are near you that you never heard of? How many buildings have come and gone, that could have yielded such delights? Just do a quick google search for CSM Manchester and what do you find about this derelict bakery? One picture on Panoramio, but anything that mentions a comprehensive history and mentions that it lies (partly) derelict? No, nothing. If anything, it gives the impression that this is still fully active. Nevertheless, it was thanks to Host for posting this as a potential lead on 28 Days Later that I became aware of it. True, Cloaked Up and some other explorers had looked at it before but didn't try it. One day I was sent to work at a building opposite the site and instantly recognised it. I had a look at it, and I couldn't work out how to dodge the CCTV without having to climb dangerous palisade. I didn't know if the cameras were watched... they were active, but is the security there 24/7? I suspect not.

So after a series of false starts, I decided to make an early descent on the place having figured out a way in. I got there, and the yard behind was dead. But cars were parked up, and the CCTV pointed straight at my access point over the fence. I couldn't risk being thwarted, considering I was alone. I had a sudden brainwave... in my bag was a caving belt, used for climbing fences. Yet I didn't want to impale my hands on the fence, so what did I do? Choosing a point out of view of the camera, I picked up a discarded football, tore out the innards and put it over two of the spikes, put my foot in the belt and launched myself over the fence. Bingo! Creeping alongside the offices, I slipped straight under the camera and within a minute I was in.

Bzzzzzzzzzzz, the electricity is still on! Fuck this is awkward... is it alarmed? Is it still partly occupied? Are there security inside? Is it even safe? I have a story about the latter, but I'll come to that later.

First impressions were a little bland and stripped, but there was so much more to come. Was it used for storage? I didn't know.


Hello hello hello, what do we have here? Natural decay, lots of rusty crusty machinery! Oh and it stank a bit here.



Onward to the original part of the site, the 1930s bakery. This is when it really started getting good; my heart was racing at the thought of not having a clue what lay beyond each corner.


Every now and then you would find bits of graffiti spray painted on the walls by drug addicts, stuff like "weed rules" but nothing that ever spoilt the vibe this place gave off. No smashed glass, metal theft or doors kicked in. That said it did get somewhat unnerving when I went into the offices and amongst endless paperwork loads of drug paraphernalia like bongs. It had long since dusted over (I swear I was the first in here for a long time), but I was still alone and couldn't risk an encounter with unsavoury types.

I went to the top floor of the offices, and found something amazing. A laboratory in a state of natural decay, yet still fully stocked with equipment. None of it had been thrown about and smashed up by the addicts. I couldn't believe it; I'd found something epic.








I told you the power was on here, didn't I? Bar one or two rooms, this entire place was still powered up! I didn't turn on every light so as not to alert anyone, but I did for this shot.

I tried it again in another room to get a better shot... big, big mistake. I flicked what looked like a light switch but might have been a socket, I can't remember. Bzzzbzzzbzzz... sparks started flicking inside. I switched it back and nothing happened. I ignored it and continued taking a shot, then started watching it again (from a distance thankfully). BOOM! The electricity arced, blowing the plug up! Fuck, lucky I wasn't stood near it! So yeah, a warning to anyone who goes here: please stay safe. The electricity is still on but the place is pretty damp, so be cautious if you turn on any lights inside. I'm serious.


So there we have it, a Manchester hidden gem. I might have got obnoxious when I conquered this place and called it the new tourist destination of Manchester 2015; it's not really. But it's still a superb little site, so if you get the chance leap at it and do this! But above all, remember that whilst the continent might yield treasures greater than anything in the UK, enjoy the little side missions on your doorstep, because you never know what you might find.

Love and best wishes,

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Will Knot

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Nice to see you back :D Awesome report and set of pics there dude :thumb Thanks for sharing ;)

The Wombat

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That is decent :thumb
and great write up too

Choo Choo m8ty

Mr Reality Hacker
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Lol would have been us lot taking a nosey. Yep had same thought has you the cams etc decided to leave it be and collect mold lol. Glad you did go see it. An amazing place it is and a real gem thanks for report.

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