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Report - - CWS Weights and Scales Div, B'ham 19\04\06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - CWS Weights and Scales Div, B'ham 19\04\06

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Raddog spotted this a few weeks back and the sound of a tower was too tempting to pass up. I'm not sure if the building was originally built as a factory, but it was used as the Birmingham and District CWS (CO-OPerative Wholesale Sociotey) Weights and Scales Division, also being the head office for tills etc. Very well boarded apart from 1 clowns pocket!!

inside was very intact, if not a little modern in parts. The tower was fantastic, 3 ladders up to the top floor, and then an external ladder to the top of the water tank. I was told to wait until dark to do the last ladder:rolleyes: , but he was prob right, there was a police helecopter overhead!!

The real gem of this site was the basement. It was full of really old scales, weights, tills and cigarette machines, along with various other CO-OP ephemera. Great place in general!


Re: CWS Weights and Scales Div, B'ham 19\04\06 - REPORT

I can´t believe it.. I stopped outside this place the other week but just took some shots outside as I´m a complete beginner to ue, though 10 years ago i used to do what I guess is at least to some degree ue...


and over the road...


and down the road...


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