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Report - Damart Mill Chimney Climb - July 2011.


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Damart Mill Chimney Climb


Some Shizzle - Stepping Lightly buys his thermal underwear here... oh and he also beat me up the fucker! :p

The chimney is in the Italianate style popular with prosperous mill-owners in the late 19C

About a month ago, this was posted on my Wall

"The challenge, watch this space..."


FFS I was away at the Moto GP and was pretty pissed that I probably might miss this one

I sent SL a message so at least he could be on with it if nothing else

As luck would have it, the chimney still had potential when I arrived back, so we cobbled some rough plans together, but with one thing or another getting in the way it was put on hold

A short walk along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal towpath from the Damart factory takes you to the Five Rise Locks, Bingley's most famous monument and a wonder of the canal age

It was was the M62 of its day and the energetic can follow the towpath all the way to Liverpool, another 111 miles according to the sign


Oh, and if you look to the right you will see this 180ft chimney lit up like an x-mas tree (At night of course)


f00k that, the only way was up for me (111 Miles mooching about canals Vs 180ft Chimney) I opted for the latter

I had the itch big time on this one, and wasn't giving up, recce's complete, it was apparent this aint gonna be easy

A week or so later Stepping Lightly Solo'd it up ;) :Not Worthy.. if you ever make it up here you'll understand why

The itch got bigger, I had to scratch it.... another hasty meet up with my mate and we were off!

"An X-mas tree climb to a dodgy finish" best sums up this one :D

I kid you not the rigging was proper shoddy up there, barely fuck all worth clipping your life onto, perched on a 2ft slippery ledge that pointed south :eek:





Shouts to SS for the original lead and everyone else who made it up ;)

Thats all folks :thumb

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