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Report - Denholme Velvets May 2011

The Crew of the Nautilus

When I was a kid.... No wait, I still do that !
While out walking the dog I noticed scaffold had been put up on this building and went in for a mooch around. I managed to get a few photos before being disturbed by someone from the industrial Unit next door. Thought I’d better leave before he called the Police, and when I drove past again 10 days or so later it had been totally demolished.

Denholme Velvets Limited, one of Bradford’s best-known textile firms was founded in May 1937, it was set in the heart of Bronte country and was an internationally-renowned velvet manufacturer employing about 150 people.

It was famous for its high-quality chiffon velvet as well as specialised velvets for jewellery displays and other technical uses.

Manufacturing came to an end after the loss of a crucial market for making velvet for leading photographic companies after the digital revolution. The demise of the photographic market was the final nail in the coffin for the manufacturing business as they supplied all the leading companies.
“Manufacturing had been under pressure from cheap Far East imports and was phased out over 18 months or so with the main building closing in 2009.

The firm relocated to a 12,000 sq ft warehouse unit on the site which has been extensively refurbished to enable it to continue as a velvet fabric trader. The rest of the 1.8 hectare site at Foreside Mill will be used for residential development with 47 new three, four and five-bedroom homes.

Denholme Velvets were applying to get planning permission to redevelop the site as they no longer need the large mill premises that were designed for 150 people.
In order to keep the business on its current site it was necessary to redevelop the land and they decided that the most appropriate use was residential.
The plan would enable the firm to develop more suitable modern facilities for its fabric trading business and help secure its long-term future.

Exterior in 2011
Denholme Velvets.jpg

Picture 042.jpg

Picture 044.jpg

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Moorland fire on Ogden Moor, and the nosey guy from next-door
Picture 067.jpg

As it is now 2015 - another Bradford redevelopment plan waiting to happen.
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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Nicely done :thumb liking the window blinds blowing in the wind.

Remember the Ogden Moor fire, you could even see it from Wakefield. Toasted Windmills lol

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