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Report - Deva Asylum - Ashley Ward, Bache Chester 16-01-2010


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Latest Deva demolition Update....
A mixture of Demolition pics & Ashley Ward.

Ashley & Irby wards stands at the back of the site, Irby is the upstairs ward which contains the famous "Hazard room" Ashley is the downstairs ward of which only half of it was accessible there was a breeze block wall which separated it into 2 halves. The other half was used as a store's location (so I was told) , it was sealed quite securely. I had not seen any pics of it on any Urbex forums. After Christmas demolition started again and they the sliced through the corridor that joined the main building to Ashley & Irby, they now stood on there own, this created a way around to the back of these wards, and to a small office type building, and the long building attached to the corridor with steps down to it and it had filling cabinets with plans in it. Within a day of this happening all the boarded up windows of Ashley were were knocked in by the Demo guys, I was told by a dog walker that this had being done to let bat's (which had being residing there) out and also to clear the wards out of rubbish and what ever was stored there.
On with the pictures......

1) Main building seperated from Ashley & Irby

2) Offices ?

3) As above (Now Demolished) but reverse angle

4) Looking towards Ashley & Irby there demise is imminent (since this was taken they have started taking the slates of the roof thats always a pre cursor to Demolition)

5) Ashley Ward Kitchen

6) A electrical socket still in place. (Only because it's being locked up)

7) Ashley Ward used as a fluid store at some time.

8) Ashley ward ceiling complete with fluorescent tube lighting.

9) Ashley ward

10) Ashley ward

Thank's for looking, my latest Deva pics are always on My Flickr Site, feel free to take a look if you want to add me as a contact feel free, and I'll add you back.