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Report - DHL The Man, The Myth, The Legend.


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Very rarely do we meet people that are incredible at what they do and very good at pulling you in to do more. This man did it very well. He was the best of best mates and on the other side of the coin was also good at collecting 'foes'. He was the ultimate wind-up merchant! Just like Marmite you either love him or hate him. But you would remember him. Since he sadly left our company a few years ago, those that knew him have found that he still inspires them. So for all the new people who have heard of DHL and want to find out about him, they can come here. Can anyone who knew him and explored with him, please leave stories and pictures of your time with The Man, The Myth, The Legend.


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"This is DHL remind him that you don't want to get bummed"

That was how he was introduced to me, this then lead on to us messaging each other the most deprived porn we could find for the next two years


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Me and dave didnt see eye to eye most of the time
but i do miss the bloke, we had words online over something or nothing
sometime later i was at Melton hospital exploring id managed to loose the others, i heard a noise upstairs and legged it up the stairs to see dave standing there !
we both said hello and where quite civil to each other..
my best memory of him was when we all went out and did the college in Leics, walking down a corridor and saying Oh that pir just flashed red
then all hell broke loose, alarms bells the lot and we all ran away it soon turned to laughter tho.


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I've two great memories of Dave I'd like to share. The first happened at Canon Brewery in Sheffield -

Kitty and I were enjoying a two player game of hide and seek which was interrupted by Dave and his fireworks. It seemed the vaults had presented themselves as the perfect place for him to set off some bangs :) Memorable!!

The next happened at a 28DL meet. After a fantastic pissed conversation with each other someone asked to take our photograph, as you do we wrapped our arms around each other with big daft grins. What I didn't realise until a little later Dave figured it would be hilarious to get his d*ck out and dangle free for the snap. Ha.


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I remember being solo in Brown's, and saw Dave's group heading off to the grovel. Off they all went down the crawl, with Dave at the back. I crept up behind him and grabbed his ankle, he nearly hit the roof in shock.

He always liked a laugh and a beer, but when you sat him down and got talking, it would be one of the most honest, realistic and free flowing conversations you would ever have.

Let's get some pictures up as well eh?


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So many memories, mostly of hilarious chaos!

I think Dave cooked me more fryups than any other explorer I have spent time with. This photo was from a trip up to Derby. We were on a campsite with our tents pitched right next to a family with a couple of young kids.

Just after this photo was taken, Dave stood up and Harvey debagged him as he walked away. It worked much better than anyone could have expected - the pants came down with the trousers, exposing Dave's bits to the family who were quietly eating their dinner only 30 feet or so away.


Luckily, they thought it was rather hilarious too. :)


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I never had the privilege to meet Dave, but I was privileged enough to attend the meet in his honour earlier in the year. Every time I meet up with proper explorers Dave's name comes up, and although it's sad that I never got to meet, set some fireworks off, or do a page three with him, it reaffirms the sense of community that makes me love this, and what we do.


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Just felt I should add my tuppeneth worth in here.

I only had the pleasure of meeting and exploring with DHL a handful of times, but they are times I look back on very fondly indeed. Some of my favourite early exploring memories were the handful of adventures I had with DHL and co.

R.I.P. mate, never forgotten.


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Never met Dave, but, never a day goes by without seeing his logo onatruck and wishing his comments were back onathread -inyerface and direct, but, always a good laugh!!


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Stayed at Dave`s house several times and he always made you welcome as did Kelly..this pic is from Middleton Mine 2010